Choosing your program: Living arrangements

There are typically a few options for living arrangements when you study abroad, including a host family. You should think through which one you choose so that it fits with your lifestyle and goals for your time away. Host family Host families can be one of the best ways to learn a language – if you’re dedicated to spending time…

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Choosing a study abroad program: Do I want to be fluent in a language?

There are a plethora of programs available for students looking to take advantage of study abroad, but if you look closely, they all have different offerings. Some are run by U.S. universities, others are run by private companies who only do study abroad. You may have a destination in mind: That’s the easy part. Now, you have to choose the…

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Reverse Culture Shock: Coming home after studying abroad


When preparing for studying abroad one thing you’re often told about is culture shock. Especially if you’ll be studying in a country that doesn’t speak your native language! What no one ever thinks to prepare you for is reverse culture shock. According to the U.S. Department of State website, reverse culture shock is “Many of the same events and circumstances…

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Dorm Away From Home – Tips for Living On-Campus While Abroad

Living On-Campus Abroad

When it comes to housing abroad there’s often several options- homestays, off-campus flats and apartments, and on-campus housing are perhaps the most common. Each serves its purpose depending on the location, the culture, and the student’s housing budget. Most students are familiar with on-campus housing, either having gone through it themselves or having friends who live on campus. However, the…

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Country Focus: United Kingdom Study Abroad


The United Kingdom, or the UK, is a Constitutional Monarchy made up of four countries (Wales, England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland). Consequently, the UK has four capital cities: Cardiff in Wales, London in England, Belfast in Northern Ireland and Edinburgh in Scotland. Of these four countries, England is by far the largest geographically. The official language is English and the…

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Study Abroad 101


“Study Abroad 101 by Wendy Williamson is a brilliantly conceived and expertly presented introduction providing specific, concise, informed and informative answers to 101 direct questions about studying abroad” ~ Midwest Book Review So you want to study abroad. Studying abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. For this reason, there are hundreds upon thousands of…

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