Study Abroad Internships and all the Rave

In addition to studying abroad, students may choose to intern abroad for academic credit. More universities are approving international internships, in addition to domestic ones, and some are even offering academic credit for volunteer experiences and service learning. There is a broad range of options from working full-time or part-time while taking regular courses abroad. If you are required to…

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One Traveler’s Love Affair (Poesy)

Trevi fountain in Rome

Arriverderci, Roma! Bella Roma, I am writing this letter to say farewell. I must break up with you. I will miss you, but you are a cruel and fickle mistress. You see, I have found another. Ah, dearest Roma. You are so splendid and gorgeous, with your Coliseum, Forum, and Trevi Fountain. I am a mere college instructor, who brings…

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