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Study Abroad destinations for Indian Students

Be it the Ivy League or the lucrative institutions across United Kingdom, Indian talent has testified its metal all over the globe. A population of 1.25 Billion might seem like a liability to most of us but there is no denying the fact that the latent talent held by this population is bound to humble any country in the world.…

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Empowerment and Study Abroad

Empowerment is a people-centered approach to education which increases the spiritual, social, and economic strength of individuals and communities. Nations are using it to make a difference in people’s lives, and international educators are using it to help students impact the world around them.   One way to define Empowerment within International Education is…     The Latin root for Education is…

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Study Abroad and Religion

Religion is one of those things that many Americans practice but don’t always understand or talk about. Nonetheless, your religion may influence where you’d like to study abroad. You may want to learn more about your own religion or you may want to learn about another. I call myself a Christian, but I lived with an African Muslim family while…

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