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Country Focus: United Kingdom Study Abroad

The United Kingdom, or the UK, is a Constitutional Monarchy made up of four countries (Wales, England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland). Consequently, the UK has four capital cities: Cardiff in Wales, London in England, Belfast in Northern Ireland and Edinburgh in Scotland. Of these four countries, England is by far the largest geographically. The official language is English and the…

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Southern Italy: A Study-Abroad Alternative

It is ‘the road less traveled’ to experience the unique culture, customs and climate of southern Italy.  Many students fail to realize that choosing the city within the country that you want to study in is even more important than choosing the country.  Just like studying outside of Sydney, London, Paris, or New York City offers very diverse experiences to…

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Romania Study Abroad

Garden at a Romanian Orthodox Church

Romania may not be your typical study-abroad destination, but it’s one of the most genuine countries I’ve ever known. The people are warm and welcoming and the hospitality unmatched. Some think of Romania as a mystical place full of Transylvanian vampires in creepy castles, but from my own travels to the country, I found it to be so much more.…

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Hungary Study Abroad

Parliament from Buda

Hungary caught the attention of the world on numerous occasions with its revolution in 1956, drawing cheers and tears from foes of Stalinism to the opening of its border to Austria in 1989, portending the collapse of communism and ripping the “Iron Curtain” to shreds. Who would have thought a country roughly the size of Indiana, landlocked by Austria, Croatia,…

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Kalymnos: My Big Fat Greek “Finding Family” Adventure

Kalymnos, Greece

In preparation for my study abroad program in Italy, I decided that I wanted to visit Greece for about two weeks, not just because of all the great things I heard about it, but I was curious to see if I could find family over there and also learn more about my Greek heritage. Because of my heritage, I am…

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Contemporary Kazakhstan: Life on the 21st Century Silk Road

Green Bazaar in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Interested in learning about nomadic cultures, or what modern life is like on the Silk Road? Consider Kazakhstan! Sharing borders and history with Russia and China, and a stone’s throw from many of the geopolitical hotspots of the world, this Central Asian Republic holds rich potential for cultural discovery and study abroad. From the soaring Tian Shan mountain peaks over…

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