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Volunteering for Conservation in Costa Rica

If you are looking for an environmental volunteer program in Latin America, Costa Rica should be on the top of your list. Conservation has a long history in Costa Rica and with a very heavy focus on environmental issues and the preservation of the environment, this country attracts thousands of volunteers every year to work in the many ecosystems there.…

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Beyond Machu Picchu, Perú

There are few places that can capture the imagination of travelers like Machu Picchu does in Perú. With its majestic scenic views and mountain top architecture, the site has become the first thing that people think about when they think of the country. But, beyond this majestic World Heritage Site lies an entire country full of indigenous cultures, colonial cities,…

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Variable weather: Packing tips for Central America

Packing tips for Central America

Full of vibrant history and charm, the many countries of Central America present students with an exciting array of opportunities to study abroad. Extending from Mexico to Panamá, the wide geographical expanse of this area contains a large array of landscapes, environments, and climactic conditions that can surprise unexpecting travelers. From visiting Nahuatl speaking populations in the cold highlands of…

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Ten Study Abroad Tips for Chile

When I decided to teach English abroad, there was not one particular location in mind. Quite frankly, my only requirement was to relocate to a tropical Spanish-speaking country. After almost a year of researching online in a time where teaching English abroad was not as common as it is today, I finally found a program that was a good fit.…

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