“Write what you know.” —Mark Twain

We are a content-driven platform for smart enlightened people. If you have global insights, international experience, world knowledge, intercultural skills, cross-cultural observations, something interesting to say, something fascinating to share…then we want to be used by you.

If you’re a student who can articulate what you’ve learned abroad, use us to show the world what you know, while boosting your resume in the process.

If you’re a professor who has knowledge to offer, share it on our platform, and let people know about your faculty-led program too.

If you’re an advisor, looking to enhance your credentials and marketability, publish some of your  wisdom and insights, and see where it leads you.

If you’re a small company or office that wants to grow, but you don’t have an advertising budget, get some credibility by offering up some global insights and international knowledge. is a dynamic map where you can find great content from smart enlightened people who have been where you want to go and done what you want to do.

Write something that comes from your senses, from your experience, from your view of the world, and use us as your platform. In exchange for your contribution, you get a short bio and link to your blog, service, school, company, or whatever you’d like. And it’s completely free!

Users can find your contribution on the map or in the blog, by zooming into the location, entering keywords, or by searching numerous categories. If your post doesn’t pertain to a specific area of the map, it still becomes a part of our blog that is fully searchable. It also has a good chance of being featured on the homepage slideshow.

It’s a win-win, if you’re willing to commit some time and thought to writing. We don’t pay you, but your writing will not get lost in a sea of ads. When submitting a post, please make sure you adhere to the following guidelines:

Well written and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Original, NOT posted anywhere else on the Internet (to preserve the integrity of the information and prevent duplication problems with search engines), as verified by and

Personal tone to inform, educate, and/or entertain. We are not interested in lifeless writing,  encyclopedia style, or promotional material that’s void of soul. We want unique high-quality writing that inspires and informs. People will want to read it because it’s different and you have something real to say. 

Format submission in a Word document with title, short description, text (include any links in parenthesis next to the words), author bio (2-3 sentences with 1-2 optional links to the author’s website, blog, or other branded online destination).

Send your submissions to info [at] for consideration. If we approve it for publication, then we’ll ask for 2-3 images (optional) that you’d like to include. Of course the photos must be yours or else you must supply written permission to use them on We link the best posts to the homepage with a big beautiful image. So if you have a high quality image that we can use with your permission, please include this also.

If your piece is approved, we will give you permission to post it on our site, or we can do that for you.


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