Last Minute Study Abroad Checklist

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Things to check before going abroad

Just when you thought you got everything ready for the big trip, there was something you forgot or missed. So, here is a last minute checklist of things that you might want to go over before you depart.

__ Wear comfortable clothing for your trip. Dress in layers in case you get too hot or cold on the flight. Bring a cardigan if you’re not wearing one. Don’t wear jewelry and don’t carry metal in your pockets, to prevent having to take it off and out during airport screening.

__ Put all official documentation, personal information, and valuables with your carry-on items. In addition to what’s on your carry-on packing list (section #28), think about adding enough clothing and toiletries for two to three days, in case your checked luggage is lost or stolen.

__ Map your final destination (i.e. a hotel, a school, a family), and figure out how you’re going to get there, before you get on the plane. Have a backup plan if this fails.

__ Have the map, address, and phone number of school and family accessible in your carry-on bag.

__ Tag all your luggage inside and out, in case of loss.

__ Bring enough cash for a few days, in case of a problem.

__ Bring something to do on the plane and during layovers (book, magazine, music player, etc.).

__ Bring snacks, especially if you tend to get hungry between meals.

__ Double-check your departure dates and times, paying careful attention to AM and PM. One student I know missed her flight because she thought it was PM when it was AM.

__ Call at least 72 hours in advance to confirm your flights. Sometimes there are cancellations and changes.

__ Check in early to avoid long lines and last-minute crowds, and subsequently missed flights.

__ Never leave your bags unattended and don’t carry or transport items for others. Keep a careful watch on your bags.

__ Register valuables with the US Customs station at your international airport of departure. Keep the certificates.

__ Leave your itinerary with someone. Say goodbye to people you love and be sure to have their email and phone.

__ Get up, walk around, and stretch on the plane.

__ Last but not least, don’t forget your passport!

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