The Art of Packing Light

We all are guilty of it, of not packing light for a trip abroad. We all have traveled with a suitcase full of items we end up not wearing. How does one avoid this? How does one become a pro at packing light? At packing exactly what is needed? Here are some tips:

Example of travel wardrobe- Pintrest

Example of travel wardrobe- Pintrest

  • Research the weather at the exact locations you will be visiting
  • Decide what the essentials for your trip are first such as rain jackets, hiking boots, and such first and set them aside
  • Plan coordinating outfits within the same color family. For example, taking two bottoms and 4 shirts that can be work with either bottom gives you a lot of flexibility in a few clothing items. If a top only goes with one specific pair of pants, then leave it behind
    • Pack a variety of tops such as tank, tees, and long sleeves, not all of the same. There can be layered to accommodate for weather changes
    • Pack a few layers, sweaters and light jackets, that coordinate with all your outfits
    • A few items can provide punches of color to add variety to your outfits
  • Account for doing laundry abroad when packing all clothing and underwear
  • Rethink your shoes. Take only shoes that will go with most outfits and be comfortable to walk in for hours.
  • Do a preliminary packing and then go through it at least 3 times editing and eliminating items each time. You should cut your initial packed items by at least a quarter by the time you are done
  • Wear your bulkier items while flying to save on luggage space
  • Reuse, re-purpose, and repeat outfits as much as possible  

Packing is a skill that stereo-typically gets better with practice. Edit, edit, edit until you feel that you have packed just what you need. And, remember that you can always buy things abroad if you need something you forgot.

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